10 Ways to Help Save Animals

Helping animals is easy, no matter your age. Explore our top 10 Ways to Help Save Animals to make a significant impact on the lives of animals worldwide:

Adopt a Vegan Lifestyle

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Going vegan means avoiding animal products like meat, milk, eggs, and leather. By taking this step, you can save the lives of almost 200 animals annually. Embrace the pledge to go vegan and make a positive change!

Take Action

Participate in our easy Animal Welfare activities and earn stickers and comic books as rewards. We constantly update action ideas, providing you with new opportunities to advocate for animal rights while enjoying free incentives.

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Choose Cruelty-Free Products

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Encourage your family to buy cruelty-free items that are not tested on animals. Look for PETA’s cruelty-free bunny logo on product packages or use PETA’s online database to find compassionate brands that align with your values.

Play Animal Rights Games

Discover fun online games with animal rights themes. With your grownup’s permission, try one of our most popular games, Kitten Squad, and aim for a high score.

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Reject Animal Entertainment

Animals deserve to be in their natural habitat, not used for our entertainment. Refuse to support cruelty by avoiding roadside zoos, marine parks, and circuses that exploit animals.

Stay Informed

Stay updated on animals in need, new actions, and contests by having your grownup follow PETA Kids on Instagram. Sign up for PETA Kids emails and receive our FREE Kids’ Guide to Helping Animals magazine.

Volunteer at a Local Animal Shelter

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Offer your assistance to local animal shelters, whether it’s walking dogs, cleaning water bowls, or helping with tasks. Make a meaningful difference in the lives of homeless animals.

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Oppose Dissection

If your class plans to dissect animals, ask for a humane alternative, such as using computer programs for virtual dissections. Save an animal’s life and enhance your learning experience.

Language Matters

Change the way you talk about animals by avoiding the use of “it.” Help others understand that animals have feelings and emotions. Use a fun activity, like the “It” Jar, to break the habit.

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Spread the Word

Share with friends why you support animals and encourage them to get involved. They can start by ordering a FREE Kids’ Guide to Helping Animals magazine.

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