Kukru Khamla, Betul

Kukru Khamla is situated in the Satpura Mountain Range under the Bhainsdehi tehsil of Betul district, which is situated at a distance of about 92 km from the district headquarters. Satpura hills are spread in this area, Kukru is one of the highest peaks in the Betul district.

A large part of Satpura falls in Betul district, hence Betul is also called the queen of Satpura. The population of the village located here is around 400 to 500, whose livelihood is mainly based on agriculture and animal husbandry.

Height above sea level:

Situated at 1137 meters above sea level, this Central Indian locale boasts breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset, thanks to its lofty altitude. Notably, it hosts the region’s sole coffee plantations. Its elevated position also invites strong winds, ideal for wind energy harnessing. This is evident in the installation of numerous windmills, which not only generate mechanical energy but also add to the area’s scenic charm.

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Natural Beauty:

Satpura, nestled on the Madhya Pradesh-Maharashtra border, marks the final frontier of the hilly terrain. Encircled by lush forests, its natural splendor is truly captivating. The serene atmosphere, accentuated by gentle breezes, offers a unique sense of tranquility akin to hill stations like Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh.

During the rainy season, the forests here are covered with greenery, which further enhances its beauty. If you spend some time at this place, it can definitely refresh you. Kukru is counted among the major places of Betul where people like to visit often.

Kukru is a very nice natural place, Near Dharkora waterfall at a distance of a few kilometers, it is worth seeing and after coming here you can also visit Muktagiri Siddha Jain Temples.

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A Beautiful Journey Through the Forests:

If you ever want to travel on beautiful roads amidst forests, then the route here is something like this. During the rainy season, there is a cloud cover here due to which there is more rain than normal. During winter the temperature here is very low and there is dense fog.

How to Reach Kukru Khamla

Betul primarily relies on rail and road connections. Bus services operate from Betul to Kukru via Bhainsdehi, facilitating convenient access to the area.

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Time to visit Kukru

While often visited for day trips, the optimal time to experience Satpura’s charm is from July to January. During the rainy season, lush greenery blankets the area, while winter brings a mystical allure with its enveloping fog. These periods offer a unique and enchanting experience for visitors.

View Point and Butch Point

The main center of attraction here is the viewpoint from where one can enjoy the beautiful valleys and strong winds. Butch Point is the highest point in this area from where one can get a very good view of sunrise and sunset.

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Coffee plantations

Generally, coffee plantations do not have any distinct specialty but here there are a number of coffee plantations in Central India, hence it is special in itself. The environment of this place is suitable for growing this type of coffee crop. Anyway, the weather here is very cold during winter.

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