Top 5 Hill Stations in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh, known for its historical and cultural attractions, also boasts captivating hill stations that offer a perfect blend of ancient history and natural beauty. Explore the best hill stations in the state, providing serene environments and opportunities for trekking and nature photography.

Pachmarhi Hill Station

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Pachmarhi, often referred to as the ‘Queen of Satpura Range,’ is a stunning hill station with lush forests, waterfalls, and rivers. Notable places to visit include:

B Fall: A 35-meter waterfall surrounded by lush green forests, ideal for picnics and trekking.

Jata Shankar Caves: Housing a natural Shiva Lingam, with legends of Lord Shiva hiding here from Bhasmasura.

Dhupgarh: A popular spot for sunrise and sunset views, offering breathtaking scenery and a beautiful trekking route.

Handi Khoh: A trekking spot in a dense forest with a history linked to Lord Shiva destroying an evil snake.

Satpura National Park: A wildlife sanctuary with diverse flora and fauna, including tigers, otters, and white bison.

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Shivpuri Hill Station

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Shivpuri Hill Station, steeped in history, served as a hunting ground for Mughal emperors. Key attractions include:

Madhav National Park: A tranquil park showcasing diverse wildlife such as chinkara, sloth bear, and purple sunbird.

Chhatri: A monument with Mughal and Hindu architectural styles, surrounded by gardens and orchards.

Bhadaiya Kund: A natural pool with scenic spots, known for its mineral-rich content.

Sakhya Sagar Lake: A lake featuring crocodiles, reptiles, and pythons, offering boat rides.

Karera Bird Sanctuary: A haven for bird lovers, with over 245 species, including the Indian Bustard.

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Mandu Hill Station

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Mandu Hill Station is renowned for its architectural beauty and the romantic tale of Queen Roopmati and Prince Baz Bahadur. Key attractions include:

Jahaz Mahal: A 15th-century palace designed like a ship, surrounded by a pond, giving the illusion of floating.

Rani Roopmati Mandap: A structure built by Baz Bahadur as a symbol of his love for the beautiful singer Rani Roopmati.

Baz Bahadur Palace: A palace reflecting Hindu-Islamic architecture with Rajasthani carvings.

Jami Masjid: A mosque built in Afghani style, surrounded by gardens.

Hindola Mahal: A grand palace also known as the swinging palace, built in the Malwa-Sultanate style.

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Omkareshwar Hill Station

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Known as ‘Mini Varanasi,’ Omkareshwar is a holy city situated at the confluence of the Narmada and Kaveri rivers. Explore:

Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga Temple: An ancient temple on an island, dedicated to Lord Shiva, known for its positive energy.

Kedareshwar Temple: A religious site dating back to the 11th century, attracting visitors worldwide.

Siddhanath Temple: A 13th-century temple with captivating architecture and surroundings.

Kajal Rani Cave: A favorite among nature enthusiasts and photographers, offering a tranquil spot for picnics.

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Amarkantak Hill Station

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Amarkantak, a religious hill station, is the origin of the holy Narmada River. Explore its sacred sites and natural spots:

Narmada Kund: The origin of the Narmada River, featuring 16 stone temples dedicated to Hindu gods and goddesses.

Kapil Dhara: A beautiful waterfall named after Sage Kapil Muni, surrounded by lush greenery.

Trimukhi Temple: A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, showcasing trinity faces on its walls.

Sonakshi Shakti Peeth Temple: A temple dedicated to Goddess Sonakshi, set against the backdrop of Satpura Hills.

Experience the diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Madhya Pradesh through these enchanting hill stations.

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