12 Villages Of India Are Settled in Patalkot

A village situated in the underworld sounds very strange but actually, there is a place that looks as if it is a real underworld and the name of this place is also Patalkot. Patalkot comes under the Tamia development block of Chhindwara district and is located in a dense forest with an area of 80 square kilometers, about 20 km from Tamia. Let’s know about 12 villages of India that are settled in Patalkot.

About this place in Detail:

1. The ‘world’ of Patalkot lies 1700 feet below

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Many such places in the world surprise humans and science. Under the Tamiya block of the Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh lies a hidden world known as Patalkot. Till a few years ago no one even knew about it, there has been human investment here for centuries but till now it remained unknown to the outside world. Patalkot Valley houses 12 villages, all located 1700 feet below ground level.

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2. Many Villages Are Still Difficult to Reach

As such, it has not been long since Patalkot was connected to the outside world. The government is constantly trying to provide basic facilities to the people who want to invest here, but there are still many villages that are still difficult to reach. Due to being very low from the ground and surrounded by huge hills, sunlight reaches later and less in many parts of the place. Due to the dense forest, the road to reach many villages here remains inaccessible.

3. Clouds Cover the Entire Valley

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Examining its geographical structure allows one to imagine the conditions present during the rainy season. Clouds blanket the valley entirely during this time, their ethereal forms drifting through the air. Looking at them, it seems as if the world inside the earth is a true underworld. During these days, there is no trace of sunlight for many days, there is only darkness all the time. There is more rain here than usual because the clouds that have come here get entangled in the hills here and it rains.

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4. Ravana’s son Meghnad Went To Hell From Here

Ancient stories suggest that Meghnath, Ravana’s son, ventured into the underworld while performing penance for Lord Shiva. After visiting this place it feels like the world is very small and this is everything. Here the sun shines only for a few hours every day and it gets dark very quickly in the evening.

5. People of Bharia and Gond Communities Live in

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The people of Bharia and Gond tribal communities inhabit this area and maintain a profound connection with nature. The castes residing in the villages here, unique to Patalkot, traditionally rely entirely on farming and animal husbandry for their livelihoods. The government is running many schemes in the name of development from which these people can get benefits. The first Anganwadi center was opened here in the year 2007.

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6. Dudhi River Flows in the Valley

A river named ‘Dudhi’ flows in Patalkot Valley. The valley’s structure is encircled by hills shaped like horseshoes. The Dudhi river, though flowing through this area, does not serve as a lifeline for the residents here, as its water is not suitable for drinking. After the arrival of outsiders, there is a threat to the nature and forest resources here. The rare herbs found here have been ruthlessly exploited.

7. Impact of Climate Change

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Due to the rapid water changes, the problem of drinking water here has now become serious and the only source of water for the people is the streams coming out of the mountains, which are also gradually becoming water sources. The villagers living here say that earlier these streams used to have water throughout the year, but now they dry up shortly after the rains. All this has happened due to climate change and external interference. Since external interference began, exploitation of natural resources has occurred here.

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8. Looking for Basic Amenities

In the last few years, due to climate change, increasing population, and in search of basic facilities, people living here have started moving towards the city in search of their livelihood. The government is trying to provide better facilities to the people living here, yet it is not easy to reach the villages of Patalkot, only farming and animal husbandry are the basis of livelihood for the people living here.

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